Solo QuickDry Ankle Length Socks

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Ankle-length, quick-dry socks. Close-fitting and breathable, a sock that can deal with humidity. Polycolon® is highly effective in the withdrawal of moisture away from the skin. Versatile socks that dry quickly.

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Fast Drying

Reliable Protection

Lightweight and fast drying, use the Solo QuickDry Ankle Socks to keep you dry and comfortable during any outdoor activity. Cold and wet feet can make for a not so pleasant experience in the outdoors. Stay protected, comfortable, and dry with the Solo QuickDry Ankle Length Socks

Ideal for a

Wide Range of Activities

We designed the Solo QuickDry Socks to give you the perfect amount of temperature regulation and breathability in a variety of climates. Ideal for chilly hikes, morning walks, and summer rides on the trail


Quick Drying Materials and Construction

Using hydrophobic yarn, these quick drying socks don't absorb moisture, but rather allows moisture vapour from perspiration to exit through channels in the yarn. Pretty magical.