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Winter Update with Sal

So far it's been a great start to the New Year, with plenty of rain to keep the rivers flowing nicely! This winter I have been mostly based in the South West, particularly in Dartmoor and Lynmouth. These two places are amongst my favourites, as the rivers are great and are in super scenic locations.

The river Dart, flowing through Dartmoor, is a very popular place with kayakers. Most weekends the car park will be full of cars with loaded roof racks. The reason for this is that the river runs fairly frequently and offers interesting and fun whitewater for all abilities. For instance, the lower section is well suited to beginners, the Middle section (referred to as ‘the loop’) is good for intermediates and the upper section is great for more confident paddlers.

My favourite English river is the East Lyn, flowing through Lynmouth all the way to the sea. The reason this one is my favourite is because no matter how many times you paddle this section, it never gets boring!

It's great fun from start to end, with a couple of more exciting and challenging parts thrown in! Plus, what better way to finish a great day on the river than with a warm drink and a piece of cake at Lyndale Tearooms, conveniently located at the get out!

It really has been a great couple of months! Fingers crossed for more rain! Thank you Sealskinz for keeping us warm and dry! Im already looking forward to trying out all of this year’s new products!

Happy New Year everyone!

Photos: Sal Montgomery and Matty Nicholas


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