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Matthias Schindler

Matthias Schindler is a German para-cyclist.

During a selection process to become a helicopter pilot, in the year 2010, the married police officer had to have a flight medical check. During this check a 1 ½ inch tumour was found in his spinal canal. In February 2011 it was to be surgically removed. The tumour could not be removed completely and his spinal cord was damaged during surgery. Matthias is suffering from an incomplete paraplegia since then.

After half a year in hospital Matthias fought his way out of the wheelchair and back on his legs. He still has an incomplete paraplegia though. Since 2013 Matthias is a competitive cyclist. He was internationally classified in the para-cycling class C3. 2014 Matthias made his debut for Germany at the UCI Para-cycling Road World Championship in Greenville/ USA. 2015 he premiered on the Track in the German jersey at the UCI Para-cycling Track World Championship in Apeldoorn/ NL.

Competitive cycling has become Matthias great passion. Matthias competes in track races, road races, time trial and mountain biking. His big goal is to participate in the Paralympic Games. He wants to show that you can live an active and successful life despite being handicapped.

In March 2016 Matthias is participating in Montichiari at the UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships. Afterwards the road cycling season starts with national races and championships, as well as the UCI World Cup races. After the road race season the priorities will shift to mountain bike races.

As Matthias priority is track cycling most of his training takes place in winter because the track competitions take place very early in the year before the road season starts. 

Matthias only reluctantly trains indoors with a cycle trainer and prefers to cycle out in the open air. In the past the weather conditions often made this impossible. Since he dresses in the wind- and waterproof Sealskinz products he was able to significantly improve his training. In winter 2015/ 2016 he hardly ever had to fall back on the cycle trainer and thanks to windproof and waterproof socks and overshoes, gloves and skull caps, he could train a lot outside. A big advantage, which can be seen by his personal best at the qualifier for the Track World Championships 2016.

For the road cycling and mountain bike season 2016 Matthias is keen to see how the Sealskinz products will influence his performance and race results, especially in unfavourable conditions.



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