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March Update with Claire

Where is the year going????

We are fast approaching the end of March and my season is well under way! I've got less than 3 weeks to go, until I fly out to Germany for the European Championships and it has already been a pretty hectic season. This year all the races seem to be compressed into a couple of very busy months. The Anglian Water Duathlon at Grafham Water marked the start of a block of 5 races, 1 race every other week, finishing with the European Championships in Kalkar, Germany. The 4 races leading up to the championship are all standard distance races, but I will be racing the sprint distance in Germany. Not exactly the ideal preparation! To make it even more interesting, the race in Germany is going to be draft legal, meaning that all athletes can ride together in a group during the bike leg on the race, this is something very new to Duathlon and something I have yet to really experience! Good job I like a challenge! 

At the end of last year I made the decision to step up to the standard distance from the sprint. I've spent a lot of time over the winter putting in more miles on the bike and extending my longer runs to help my body prepare for the standard distance. Luckily my housemate is also an athlete (and mental!) so we've teamed up for our long rides for a bit of moral support, and bullying! Wrapping up warm and going out to battle the wind and rain is never enjoyable, but it seems like the training has paid off and I am really happy with the start of my season. After a painful race at Grafham Water, where the step up to the longer distance left my body in a state of shock, I have completed 2 other races that have left me feeling hungry for more! 

This weekend I will travel down to Windsor for the British Championships. It looks like it is going to be a great event with beautiful scenery and an opportunity to see the Elites race. Then 10 days later I am off to Germany for my first European Championships and my first real experience of a draft legal race! Wish me luck!!! 


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