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How do you #ConnectOutdoors?

How do you #ConnectOutdoors?

Product names. They’re debated over, analyzed, and thought about with the very best intentions. However, sometimes, something that can seem like such a home run in the office, can have the opposite effect on the public.

A little history…

We make outdoor accessories. And pretty incredible accessories at that, 100% waterproof and windproof. Gear that you can trust during the random rain shower, the muddy bike trail, or the crisp autumn walk. We truly believe that no matter what is around the corner, we’ve got you covered.

So, when we set out to name our line of 100% waterproof socks, gloves, and hats, we decided to name them based off of the activity we felt was best suited for each product.

We’d have a mountain biking sock, a walking sock, a trekking sock, a pro sock, etc. It seemed like a no brainer.

In comes our incredible Sealskinz community…

We kept hearing from people that yes, they were buying the trekking sock, but not always for an arduous winter hike. We heard from customers purchasing our pro socks, but to use at their job where they’re outdoors all day.

Marathon runners, anglers, dog walkers, MTB’ers, they were all buying our socks and gloves (and, shameless plug, loving them,) but they were figuring out on their own what sock worked for what activity they wanted. Our naming system wasn’t actually helping them narrow down their choices.

This gave us a lightbulb moment. What if we stripped away the part of the name related to an activity, and instead, organized them around thermal ratings? In other words, the weather and climate you’d be in when you’re using them.

The new naming system…

Embracing this new idea, we began to organize the line around the concept of thermal retention. For example, all of our socks are still made using a 3-layer construction keeping them 100% waterproof and windproof, however, they are made of various materials based upon how warm you want to be.

Ready to learn about this new naming system?

Warm Weather

Crafted with minimal insulation, when you see a sock or glove named with the term ‘Warm Weather,’ it means it’s suitable for warmer climates as well as wet conditions. The inner lining is made of a bamboo blend designed to keep you dry and comfortable during warmer weather activities.

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All Weather

Our All Weather line provides the perfect balance of both breathability and warmth. The products in this line have a merino wool blend interior for moisture control, breathability, and the perfect amount of insulation. It’s our ‘all around’ fabrication making it perfect for both cooler and warmer conditions alike.

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Cold Weather

Crafted with additional insulation, Cold Weather products are ideal for cold and wet conditions. A merino wool blend interior lining with added terry loop stitching that helps to keep you warm by trapping and retaining heat.

Think of it like the hairs on your arm. When it’s cold outside, tiny muscles around the hair follicles cause the hairs to stand up to trap more heat close to your body. This is the same idea with the extra terry loop stitching in this product line. It gives you that extra heat retention on the coldest of days.

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Extreme Cold Weather

The word extreme should tip you off with this product line. These accessories are crafted with the thickest insulation. They are the perfect fit for when you’ll be outside during extremely cold and wet conditions where thermal retention is of the essence.

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Now you’re an expert…

So there you have it. The rundown on why we switched gears and went from organizing our accessories based on activity, to a more weather related approach.

We hope this allows our incredible Sealskinz community to find the sock or glove that works best for them. Because after all, our goal is to enable you to stay outside longer, push hard and never turn back.

All the love,



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